My name is Mim Nifong, I am 77 years old and started the AS program about 5 years ago.  Words are not adequate to describe how much better I feel.

I was never a person who really exercised; in fact, I always said exercise was a bad word.  That was before I came to Age Successfully and realized that I could exercise safely and without being in pain.  These days, I can feel my muscles after working with my coach and I like the way it feels.

I sure am proud of my muscle, just ask!!  I am more than happy to show you my “guns”. On top of that, I am more agile and have better balance but still have more “work” to do!!

I had migraines that started at a very young age, as years passed vicodin was the only way to control them- until AS.  Now with a rare headache a Tylenol does the trick! Yes! Don’t ask me to explain why the headaches are gone, they just are!

Recently, I have had a bout of Bronchitis- which before AS occurred at least twice a year with exercise I hadn’t had bronchitis in a few years- because of extenuating circumstances I backed off exercise for the last couple of months- Lesson Learned, Don’t back off exercise!

– Mim Nifong