As a young, healthy woman, I thought “the golden years of life” with husband Bob would be like Henry
Fonda and Katherine Hepburn as they romantically canoed the river in the movie “On Golden Pond.”


However, at 57, reality hit with the diagnoses of Systemic Lupus and Inflammatory Joint Disease. During the next seven years, each form of exercise resulted in unbearable pain. Career wise, with Bob’s help, I continued writing, speaking, and traveling, but it was costly, both physically and emotionally.

Then, eight years after the diagnoses, our daughter encouraged me to visit AgeSucessfully. Penny Hunsicker assessed me, and we set goals:

% To finish speaking engagements through November of 2012
% To strengthen balance—I had experienced four serious falls
% To have enough stamina to fix Christmas dinner for our family
% To move from being “skinny obsessed” to healthy Body Mass Index numbers

Well into 2013, I am happy to say that every one of those goals has been met…and then some! Here are a few additional accomplishments achieved under AS trainers, Penny Hunsicker and Debi Teeple:

The Eldridges

% Learned specific exercises to strengthen muscles around my bone-on-bone knee joint if I have a total knee replacement in March (I’m walking pain free again most of the time!)
% Push up from a seated position without lifting my body with my arms and hands!
% Six pounds of body fat have been eliminated (not just weight—body fat)!
% I have a waist for the first time in fifty years!
% I can brag to our teen grandkids that their Mimi can do front and side planks!

Life didn’t turn out like the movies, but I don’t care. Bob and I are on a golden pond now—one that we didn’t know existed!

Thank you AS for helping me re-gain my health!

-Sherrie Eldridge