AgeSuccessfully Partners (ASP) has the unique insights and experience to provide highly effective fitness solutions to the boomer generation with branded fitness equipment, certified conditioning protocols, and virtual trainers.

The boomer generation is the most health conscious and affluent age based population in the US. This group has brought new passion to the life after 60 and they want to AgeSuccessfully in order to enjoy an active and fit lifestyle.

ASP has developed a comprehensive business model designed to provide boomers with highly customized and desirable private conditioning services. The ASP model includes a proprietary fitness assessment, personalized fitness prescription and professional coaching to ensure that our clients achieve results.

ASP has leveraged technology to maximize the scalability of our service offering while allowing a rapid expansion of our services. We are  uniquely positioned to grow both clients and revenue while offering a highly differentiated fitness solution.

Differentiated Amenity:

  • Home health providers
  • Retirement communities
  • Assisted living centers
  • Retail focused center

Enhanced Value Stream:

  • New cash based service
  • Differentiated  value
  • Low cost of entry

Improved Client Retention:

  • Builds positive relationships
  • Fun and energetic approach
  • Quality of life focus

The AgeSuccessfully program has been designed to provide a safe, fun and effective conditioning session for older adults.  AgeSuccessfully is a subscription-based online certification program designed to help your facility provide the best conditioning program possible for your tenants. The protocols are super efficient and designed to help older adults achieve THEIR fitness goals.

Your activity director can encourage, motivate and help you clients to improve their balance, stability, strength, and bone density through a simple and fun conditioning program.

  • Detailed certification program
  • Proprietary assessment tools
  • Video instruction
  • Age specific conditioning protocols
  • Quarterly AgeSuccessfully reporting
  • Web based continuing ed
  • Established marketing programs
  • Training support
  • Motivational resources
  • Incentives

Sidebar Content:

Start-up Package Includes

  • Initial AgeSuccessfully instructor videos
  • Pre-defined protocols / condition specific
  • Exercise of the month video series
  • AgeSuccessfully license
  • AgeSuccessfully marketing materials
  • Proprietary access to the AgeSuccessfully site
  • Web site link
  • 1.5 day AgeSuccessfully instructor training for up to 3 instructor candidates
  • AgeSuccessfully certification exam
  • Administrative manual
  • AgeSuccessfully instructor manual
  • Data collection forms
  • Data entry, analysis, and reports
  • Annual national program report
  • Invitation to Annual Instructor Workshop
  • Activity board
  • Incentive package

Equipment package

  • Whole Body Vibration Machine
  • Exercise bands
  • Floor pads
  • Weighted ball set (12)
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