My work schedule kept me from regularly exercising as I had done about 7 years ago prior to taking early retirement from a company that provided a well-equipped in-house gym.  I missed it, knowing that my physical strength and balance were declining.  I encouraged my wife to get a trainer and establish a regular workout schedule.  She began training twice a week at AgeSuccessfully.  I could see her improvement in strength and attitude.

After changes in my work schedule, I joined AgeSuccessfully, where my wife and I could exercise together with the same trainer.  I was impressed with their explanation of the Power Plate concept for increasing the effectiveness of exercises; i.e., that means a greater improvement in a given period of time than I could gain without using the Power Plate.  The six-week assessment of my strength and balance compared to the initial assessment revealed my body mass index dropped 8 pounds of fat and gained 2 pounds of muscle, and my balance had improved threefold in that metric.  Best of all, my heart rate drops much more quickly after strenuous exertion, which means that my heart is stronger.  My wife and I really enjoy working with Debi, our trainer,  and we especially enjoy the time with each other.

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